New Piece and shows at the SOCIETY

Alex Bryan just had her first show at the SOCIETY, and I spent a good portion of the week prior to it helping her prepare. She was nervous about it, but it went well and she even sold some work (She’s already more successful than me.) I would tell anyone in the area to go by and check out the show, but they do things a little weird there and don’t leave the work up, so it was just a one night thing.

Both of the other contributing artists are quite talented and had some great work in the show as well. I am particularly fond of Kayla Ayrn’s work, which if you have seen my own work you would probably expect that.


On a somewhat related topic, I have been asked by the SOCIETY to contribute for their third anniversary group show. I don’t know yet what my contribution will be but I will definitely post something about it in advance this time, unlike the aforementioned show above. (Sorry Alex.) I know it is some time in the next month though.

So, I finally got back to work and finished up Anyway, People Die III.


Tis possible some variation of this might make its way onto a shirt or a tote or some random piece of swag if anyone is interested. I am planning on having some things for sale relatively soon.


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